The 10 Best Adele Covers on the Internet

May 5 is the birthday of the queen of blue-eyed soul - Miss Adele. Her music is so versatile. Her songs have been reimagined through the eyes of an endless array of genres. We've chosen to honor her timeless talent by creating a list of the best covers of her work we could find.

10. Bella Blair: "When We Were Young"

Reggae has a way of uplifting even the saddest song, and Bella’s rich, crisp voice creates complexity throughout.

9. August Alsina: "Someone Like You"

August has arguably one of the smoothest modern male R&B voices. This is straight butter for your ears.

8. Julie St-Pierre: "Million Years Ago"

This beautiful, soft, passionate duet just makes me want to forget all my responsibilities and run off to Europe to hide in a well-lit alleyway with a handsome guitar player.

7. Leo Moracchioli: "Rolling in the Deep"

Adele goes Metal. What's not to love? Plus, that beard braid? Come on. Too good.

6. Will B. Bell & John Saga: "All I Ask"

A captivating combination of soulful vocals, sultry choreography, and stunning human movement.

5. Anthony Vincent: "Hello"

Strangely delightful. It’s as if my pre and post-adolescent dreams decided to have a baby.

4. Jun Sung Ahn: "Rolling in the Deep"

Violins sing in their own language; and Jun Sung Ahn speaks violin fluently. He covers ground even Adele's voice can't quite reach.

3. Mandiga: "Hello"

Everything about this video is sexy.

Every. Single. Thing.

2. BYB (BackYard Band):  "Hello"

This go-go funky heavy hitting lo-fi percussion will have your bobbin’ your head HARD.

1. Dirty Loops: "Rolling in the Deep"

Listen. If you still haven’t heard of Dirty Loops, do yourself a favor and binge watch all their covers. I’m convinced their drummer is immortal.

Gina Maria Cunsolo

Gina is a Northeast native who's lived in ATL just under one year. But give her one weekend: she'll convince you to move here too. Gina sings and writes old soul gospel music. She loves to tell the stories of those people who don't even realize they have a story. And, most importantly, she's Greek and Italian - so she knows how to eat.