[Interview] The Floozies Pose In Their Dressing Room Bathroom And Talk Granola

[Interview] The Floozies Pose In Their Dressing Room Bathroom And Talk Granola

Cover photo by Annabel Shettel for Bullet Music

The Floozies are anticipating a new album release this fall. They are an epic funk band that you have to see live at least once. I met up with Mark Hill (drummer) in the VIP lounge where I was then granted backstage access. St. Augustine Amphitheatre treats musicians properly! There was a catered room with fresh fruits/vegetables. As I made my way to their dressing room, he opened the door to leather seats, full mirrors, and to my surprise a decked out bathroom with four stalls. They were frolicking around their room. We spoke as The Motet could be heard outside, on stage. 

Tell us about Granola Jones and the inspiration behind it.

Matt: I was making a lot of synths with my voice. I think it's called granular synthesis. I would record myself sing a weird sound and sample it out into a synth. That was the sound inspiration behind that album. 

Granola Jones was a story where me and Mark were doing this basketball shooting drill and he had long hair at the time and a hippy headband and he was just sinking every shot and doing this goofy run.

Mark: I guess I was being a hippy long-haired baller on the court and we kinda created this persona of it. 

Matt: Yeah, so they're calling him "Granola Jones."

Mark: Kinda like Mike Jones, mixed with someone who's very granola. 

It's pretty cool!

Mark: What's funny is we did that and there's a company where we're from, in Kansas city, that's called "Granola Jones."

Matt: We worked with them!

Mark: So yeah, they made some granola for us. They went to some of our tour dates, it was fun.

Are you playing at a Colorado State University? Eastern? Western?

Matt: Western! In Gunnison.

Are you speaking there?

Matt: No, just playing!

Any other information you can give us about it?

Mark: It's called SpringFest. We're the headliner. It's like a big college spring party. 

Can you tell us about the Instagram post with your stick figure drawing of Prob Cause?

Matt: He draws portraits of other people and he said, "Nobody ever draws me." So then I saw that on his Twitter and I just drew a stick figure of him. 

That's pretty funny.

Mark: He's a really good artist. 

Matt: Not quite as good as me though!

Have you guys ever collaborated with him?

Mark: Yeah!

Matt: Yeah! We have a song on our next record with him on it. 

Mark: And we're maybe going to have him do some artwork for us, in the future. 

Should we be on the lookout for anything new from you guys?

Matt: We have a full-length album coming in August or September. 

Mark: Big ole' album. Big ole' beautiful album. 

Can you tell us anything about it?

Matt: It's big. It's beautiful.

Mark: It's really diverse. It's not just funk bangers, which we are known for. It's both funk bangers and pretty music. It's really tight.

Matt: It's very heartfelt. Heartfelt album.

Mark: It's the longest time we've gone without a full-length release. So, it's an album that has covered a lot of time.

Are you guys excited for Euphoria Festival?

Matt: NO!


Matt: Just kidding. It's going to be great! I'm excited for all of them!

Mark: It's going to be awesome! We did Euphoria three years ago.

Oh, so it's been a few years?

Matt: Yeah we did. It was fun! Fun night.

Mark: It's going to be awesome. Austin is cool. That festival is good and all thorough, they care about it. I like places like that. 

Catch the duo at Euphoria Festival this weekend or on one of these other tour dates!

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