[Interview] The Howling Tongues Is The Band Of Our "Fever Dreams"

For those who think that rock n roll is a lost art and a dying breed, let me introduce you to one of Atlanta’s most influential rock n roll groups, The Howling Tongues. The Howling Tongues is bringing back the sound and heart of one of the most iconic genres of all time.

The band debuted in 2013 with their self-titled album and followed up three years later with their second full-length album Boo Hiss. Following this timeline, they released a new, true to sound yet haunting single “Fever Dream” this year on October 31st and have recently graced the public with an even newer single “Daily Dose”.

The time between releases, though lengthy, shows their dedication to the craft as they aren’t rushing to put out just any tune. Each release, whether it’s a full-length album or a stand-alone single is immaculately arranged with the utmost care and creativity. Listening to the evolution of this group gives me great excitement as both their growth and progress are evident.

The band continues to feed our desire for classic sex appeal and sing-along rock n roll while keeping things fresh and lively with their ability to breathe new life into classic rock n roll riffs. Listen to “Gotta be a Man” form their first, self-titled album, then “Raw Power in a Red Dress” from Boo Hiss then latest single “Daily Dose” to get yourself a taste.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Brandon (bass), TJ (drums), Nick (guitar), Thomas (keys), and Taylor (Vocals) backstage at The Earl in East Atlanta Village Thursday December 20th, 2018 before they took the stage at their This is not a Christmas Money Grab Show where they debuted new single “Daily Dose” which released on December 21st.

In this interview, we discussed things from elementary school friendship and odd snack food to the origin of the band's iconic name and inspiration for their latest single, all of which was filtered through the band's obscure sense of humor and intentionally vague answers.

Photos by Sarah Htun for Bullet Music

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.