[Artist Spotlight] The Keepsake: MCR but Edgier?

Photos by Sarah Htun for Bullet Music

The temperature is rising in Atlanta and we are gearing up for our Sweaty Summer Showcase by bringing you May’s Artist of the month The Keepsake. This summer the Artist Spotlight project has taken a turn as we are featuring a showcase of three punk/hardcore artists.

The keepsake has been producing singles and EPs available for streaming on most sites for the past year and a half. To listen on Spotify follow this link.

As stated in the interview, their sound has been described as “My Chemical Romance with balls.” The five piece group produces a post hardcore sound featuring catchy anthemic choruses and expressive vocals.

Formed in 2016 by lead vocalist Barry Shelton, the now five-piece group produces a sound reminiscent of the 2000’s emo scene. Shelton, vocalist and lyrical master draws his musical inspiration by writing about mental health, depression and anxiety. Though this type of lyrical content is not unheard of, it is the focus of most of The Keepsake’s songs. By choosing to write and perform sensitive lyrical content, not only does it attempt to normalize mental health, but is cathartic to perform on stage, something Shelton has claimed to deal with personally.

On a lighter note, The Keepsake’s sound has evolved in the last year as they added keyboard player and female vocalist, Kit Savvy. By adding keys and feminine vocals, the band has adapted a more full sound and has been able to open the door to a more customized and unique way of writing.

Listen to the full interview with The Keepsake on Bullet Music’s YouTube.

Watch The Keepsake along with two more TBA bands perform at Bullet Music’s Artist Spotlight Sweaty Summer Showcase on July 24th at The Bakery.


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