The Kooks Postponed Atlanta Show was Worth the Wait - Just Like This Review

English pop/punk band The Kooks came to Atlanta on February 19th. The already long-awaited show was initially postponed from 2018 leaving fans with an accidental day off work and more time to let the excitement build. Once show day arrived, the tension was high, and impatience was building inside the sold-out Buckhead Theatre when The Kooks took the stage.

Though it is a subtle detail of the evening the Kooks played underneath the closest full moon we will see this year. Not only did that set a dreamy mood for the evening, but it is said that during a full moon you find yourself drawn more intensely to what you desire. I, for one, am drawn to good live performances.

A good live performance consists of two things, energy and emotion. Front-man Luke Pritchard has both charisma and passion behind his performance. The entire venue felt like a moon-bathed celebration of nostalgia and love fueled by the force driven by the collective purpose on stage

Pritchard’s writing style brings to us lyrics relatable and anthemic. For most of the crowd, it was a nostalgic evening of remembering early twenties, though pleasantly juxtaposed with a growing number of younger fans. This shows how timeless their collective style is proving to be. The musicality is equally nostalgic. It holds a flare of retro love-song “ditties” like what you might expect from early Beatles albums.

The boyish youth projected from the stage was refreshing and energetic. “Junk of the Heart” set the loveliest of moods with a communal singing of lyrics such as, “I wanna make you happy, I wanna make you feel alive,” backed by an upbeat melody. It was an all-encompassing feeling of well-being that we were lucky to experience through the bands ironically charming mannerisms.

It's no secret that front-man Luke is a universal heartthrob. Getting to watch him dance across the stage was the cherry on top of an already enjoyable experience. Pritchard bounced back and forth between acoustic, electric, piano, and dancing shoes. The set list was pleasing and the variety kept the show entertaining. To take a listen to the set-list as was played in Atlanta during the 2018/2019 tour follow the link here to listen on Bullet Music’s Spotify.

Photos by Sarah Htun for Bullet Music

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.