[Interview] Truncate Prepares Himself For His Next Atlanta Visit

The word "Truncate" means more than just shortening something. To techno music fans all over the world, hearing that word transports me to dark warehouses where I can dance till the sunrise, regretting that I forgot my sunglasses when I left my house. When I hear that word, I am washed over with heavy bass, modular sequences, driving percussion, and an unforgettable musical experience. David Flores aka Truncate will be playing Wiggle Factor Form X
Saturday July 23rd with music by Ajhenda, Amalgam, Descender, Refocus, alongside visual artist Oktaform,

I got the honor of talking to Truncate before his show in Atlanta. He is a humble, gentle, laid back fellow. Read more about just great this guy is, then go buy your tickets, and get to that dance floor.

You completely destroyed it the last time you played in Atlanta. How has everything been going for you since your last visit?

I think it's been about 3 years since my last visit to Atlanta and everything has been going great! Been touring a lot and working on lots of music.

You are known to travel far and wide while you are on tour. Tell us about some of your more recent gigs you’ve played. Where were they? How differently did you approach your set from city to city, and venue to venue? 

Well I just came back from Colombia yesterday. I did 3 shows in the cities of Bogota, Medellin, and Cali.

I don't really approach my sets differently. I usually make playlists of all new music and I like to try out new tracks and see how they work, while also sticking to tracks that work everywhere. I try not to play the same set in every city but when you're playing every weekend it's hard not to play the same tracks. Either way, I like feeding off the crowd and that usually will change how I play from city to city. Different strokes for different folks.

You played the 50 Weapons Boiler Room RIP party, which had to have been a blast and very special moment for you. How did that come about and what was your reaction when you found out they wanted you to play?

The 50 Weapons finale tour was being planned for quite some time. I think I knew about it 6 months before hand. They wanted to go out with a bang (which they did) and did a lot of shows all over the world. I was fortunate enough to be included in quite a few of them including the Boiler Room party in Berlin which was a lot of fun. When I was asked to come and do the show, I of course was very excited. It was my first Boiler Room, and to share it with so many amazing artists was an honor. They really are a great crew of people.

What are some of your favorite things to do when you are at your home base in Los Angeles? Any favorite restaurants, bars, or neighborhoods you like to frequent?

Usually when I'm back home from traveling I like to take it easy, hang out with friends, visit family, and eat some of mom's home cooking. Also I hit up my frequent craft beer spots near me, like Beachwood Brewing, Noble Ale Works, Ballast Point, Angel City, and the smaller, neighborhood bar by me called Coopers. I'm a beer fan if you can't tell by now (laughs). But, I also use the time at home to get in the studio as well. It's pretty much non-stop for me.

You play a lot of the Interface Parties in L.A. I feel like they are very similar aesthetic to the Wiggle Factor shows here in Atlanta. What is your take on the comparison of the two parties and what they bring to the table for each city?

I think both parties have the same vision. We also use local Atlanta visual artist Oktaform (who is also involved in the Wiggle Factor parties). We fly him out for all the interface parties. He does amazing work and is a great guy. Its good to see other cities taking these risks doing these types of parties even though that particular city might not be a techno center. Then you know the people are doing it for the love of the music and are trying to push this sound to their city.

When you’re not on the road or working in the studio, what do you find yourself doing? Are you a big TV or film buff? More of a outdoor explorer? A professional nap taker? How do you like to unwind?

I'm a total chill out guy. I'll be home watching TV, catching up on some series, or hitting my local watering hole. Also visiting family and hanging with friends. Nothing complicated, just chillin' out.

On the converse side of that, how do you like to get inspired artistically? Is there any sort of ritual or process you go through before you get behind the decks or into your studio?

To be honest, I don't really have a ritual.  I usually go into the studio and just turn on the machines and start playing around until something comes out. Sometimes I'll have an idea in my head which I would lay down in the studio, but it varies day to day. I like listening to a lot of music as well. In the morning I'll turn on some podcast/radio show and listen to music and go through my emails. The music will vary from hip hop to instrumentals to jazz, soul, funk, punk rock/hardcore, garage rock, minimal wave, house, techno, etc. I just let it play and let it all sink in.

What are you most excited about playing in Atlanta this Saturday? The family here, the city itself, or anything in particular that really makes Atlanta stand out to you?

It's always exciting to play in a new city. I've only been to Atlanta once so to me its still new.  It’s been 3 years so I'm excited to see how the scene has evolved since then. I also look forward to hanging out with the crew, they're all a bunch of good guys.... and I look forward to trying your local craft beer! Suggestions encouraged!

Lastly, What are your plans for the rest of the year? Any big events, releases that you have been working on, or anything in your personal life?

Right now, all my focus is on music. I've recently finished a remix for Josh Wink which will come out on Boysnoize. Working on a remix for Rolando on his label R3. Another remix I did for Dustin Zahn that has taken a while to come out is finally coming out on Drumcode. I've got some EP's coming on my own label Truncate which have remixes from Ambivalent, Silent Servant, and Jimmy Edgar. Some notable gigs coming up in the next few months are Festival Forte in Portugal, Berghain in Berlin, a few back to back shows in September with Ben Sims, and Awakenings during ADE in Amsterdam.