[Exclusive Video Premiere] Hawk's "Allison's Gone" is a Nostalgic Masterpiece

Hawk is a Central Illinois-based group whose members have played with the likes of R.E.M. and Elvis Costello, and they are using that experience to give us a taste of modern nostalgia with their brand new music video for “Allison’s Gone.” Coming off their new album Bomb Pop, which itself harkens to a tasty summer treat that today’s kids might not know by name, “Allison’s Gone” works to create a feeling of longing and heartache from the lyrics to the music to the video itself.

The song, lyrically works to hammer home a consistent message that “Allison’s Gone,” but between repetitions of the catchy chorus melody, lines like “I can't believe I'll never / See the light in her eyes / I guess I always assumed that / We had time on our side” add more depth to the narrator’s heartache. In lines like these, we see someone coming to terms with an unexpected breakup, but the wording sounds more like someone finally getting over their ex rather than someone who was recently dumped. With this in mind, the nostalgic structure of the music and video work perfectly.

The music for “Allison’s Gone” mixes the sounds of Blind Melon, The Goo Goo Dolls and pre-Whatever and Ever Amen Ben Folds Five to create a time machine in which listeners can transport to a world of puka shell necklaces, JNCO Jeans and frosted tips. More importantly, though, it takes us back to the time when Allison was still there.

In the video itself, projected, home video-style clips of Allison cascade over singer David Hawkins as he plays and sings the song. This has the effect of turning Hawkins into a silhouette, frequently blending into the background, fully enveloping himself in the memories of Allison and a time long gone. Rarely does a music video so simple portray the meaning of its accompanying song so well, but Hawkins and crew hit their mark on this one.

Tayler Newman

Columbus, GA

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