[Interview] Behind The Scenes with the Warped Horizon Organizers

[Interview] Behind The Scenes with the Warped Horizon Organizers

We are excited to be covering the Warped Horizon parties which will be taking place in Birmingham, AL on December 30 and 31, as book-ends for the Bassnectar 360 New Year's Eve celebration. In anticipation of these late night ragers, we got some answers from two of the organizers, Andrew and Drew (I know, right?) about the planning of this event as well as some of the visual artists that will be featured there. Check it out.

Just real quick, can you break down who is behind this event, because there’s a lot of logos on the flyer, and it seems like there’s a lot of different promoters backing this.

There are! This event is a collaborative effort on the part of multiple southeastern promoters. As Sweet Science, we curate the best industry professionals we have worked with in the past to come together and develop an immersive experience. These promoters are invited to the table because we share their vision and interests. The complete list of producers include key representatives from SOMA Entertainment, C4 Productions, Pass the Good Entertainment, and Zen Awakening Festival. We’d also like to give a shout out to Wisdom Esoterica and Dream Boy Audio for their contributions (creative and technical) to the lighting and sound design.

This project feels really collaborative, with all these groups jumping on. That extensive of a collaboration is rare on most events. How are you guys able to work together like that?

One of the main principles that binds the partners on this event is the opinion that we can always do more together than apart. Bassnectar choosing Birmingham as the host city of a pinnacle event like the NYE 360 show is obviously a huge opportunity, which we look forward each year to honoring by gathering our resources and really flexing our production assets. It’s an honor for all of us to host this audience (one of our favorite crowds in the business), and we think that’s all the inspiration we need to really come together and make something special. The “how” really just boils down to our own individual excitement and passion to make this all a reality.

Throwing afterparties for large events seems like a pretty good idea for promoters to hedge their bets. Why the decision to make this a two-night event with one night a full 24-hours before Bassnectar?

We knew from the start last year that a lot of people would be arriving the night before, and we knew that if we provided something for them to look forward to when they arrived, they would come party with us. Early on, it felt like a fairly risky move but the decision certainly paid off. We suppose that it’s just a good example of how sometimes you just have to jump off the proverbial cliff to get what you’re after.

Whoever organized this lineup is obviously a set of bassheads, and everyone knows G Jones and ill.Gates. Who’s a can’t-miss opener or smaller artist on the lineup in your opinion?

We think it’s safe to say that everyone involved in this production are avid fans of Bassnectar, and the bass music scene as a whole. As Sweet Science, we curate a local radio broadcast that is absolutely packed full of bass music, and our partners on this event are certainly engaged in that scene as well. If anything, we struggle more with who we won’t be booking than who will be coming out. Our wish list is always way longer than the line up itself. What you see on the flier is the cream of the crop, the names we decided we couldn’t live without. Having the opportunity to show the southeast what Stylust Beats is all about is something we’re really excited about, and we look forward to a lot of dropped jaws in his set.

What can you tell us about your live art program?

So, this was really a surprise, even to us. A Christmas gift to ourselves, maybe. We originally reached out to our favorite artists and expressed interest in hosting them, as sort of a “maybe” shot. The response we got was overwhelmingly positive. So much so that we decided we could only do it justice by providing them with a huge installation to work on. The result is a 24-foot by 12-foot “Warped Horizon” mural, which we are insanely excited to say will be adorned by the works of Lex Newtho, John Gay, Papa Bear, Olivia Curry, Collin Holt, Sicko, and Austin “Slim” Gee. These are some of the most impressive artists working in the festival/bass music circuit. In fact, it’s made such big waves that we have dozens of other artists coming forward to help with additional installations to spruce the place up. We really look forward to this being an incredibly art-packed event.

What are some future events or other projects we can expect from this team in the future?

That’s something we’ll have to leave a mystery for now. All we can really say to that is “stay tuned!” We can assure you this team will be showing off plenty in the year to come. Sweet Science will certainly be in the mix for Pass the Good Festival and Zen Awakening Festival. There are a lot of plans, for sure. January 1st marks day one of us distilling those ideas into reality, and plotting our next move!

Check out our other preview coverage of this event and all the VIP package options over here, and be sure to grab your tickets to these exciting parties here.

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