We Turn to Music

2019 had gotten off to a rough start, to say the least. I welcomed the year by eating take-out in my bed while watching Frasier reruns after working a long shift. As midnight and the end of 2018 neared, the countdown began. Even though I wasn’t really counting, through the window of my second story apartment I heard children shouting “Happy New Year” from the bottom of their youthful lungs as distant firecrackers burst colors into the sky.

The distinctive sounds brought about a moment of nostalgia that was impossible to shake. I smiled as I recalled the excitement of staying up until midnight, forcing my sleepy little eyes to remain open just a moment longer as the shimmering ball slid down the pole. The ball would reach the bottom, and cheers would ring out as my small heart flooded with excitement.

As a child, the new year gave off the illusion of leveling up into a new space and time. Each turn of the year came filled with unjustified bouts of hope and the promise of new and endless possibilities. As the old year faded away, I carelessly waved goodbye to the old me and welcomed the new fearless model of myself with open arms.

If only I could find the same childish excitement that once consumed me, but life proves itself to be challenging from time to time. It becomes more difficult to see the amount of joy that the coming year promises as opposed to the dread of “life lessons” that surely wait. Now that I have found myself well into adulthood and lacking an abundance of play time, I seem to accrue more time in the mishap department.

Allow me to elaborate…

To keep it short, In the month of January alone, I had, first, been enjoying an interesting relationship with a kind young man who would come dump me within the first few weeks of the year. Secondly, while confiding in my male best friend, he too “dumped” me for the sake of his own girlfriend’s insecurities. Third, while driving the hour home through tear-soaked eyes, the car that I’d just had routine maintenance performed on and a set of new tires installed, at the cost of a small fortune, disassembled itself and fell apart mid-highway at sixty-five miles-per-hour, nearly costing me my life (There really must be a God, because this was a scary one).

Now, the whole point to my sob story is to show that life is tough. Things occasionally happen in succession that will make you question superstition and even your own ability to self-sabotage. Childhood dreams can’t always stave off the dire straights of adulthood, but when the chips are down, we can turn to music.

We are all connected in the strife of life, and we all experience the transition away from the wonders of childhood and face the indifference and struggle of adulthood eventually. Though, with music, we are intertwined through our journey. We aren’t left feeling alone, as there is always a voice ringing through the speaker sharing similar sentiments and stories. Music is the voice of the soul, whether its instrumental, heavy metal, country, soul, funk, etcetera. Music is a universal language, but most importantly it brings us together through relatable lyricism.

With this idea in mind, I have carefully crafted a twenty-two-song playlist. The idea that we share in our struggles and all need a little pick-me-up from time to time inspired each song on this playlist. The songs have been selected due to their lyrical content alone. Choose to listen and sing along or choose to soak in the instrumental greatness that each song brings to the table. Either way, I hope that it brings you joy. May the words lift your spirit, inspire you and allow you to remember that we are all in this together. Cheers!

Samantha Hutton

Samantha is a student at Columbus State University where she studies creative writing. Her love of music runs deep.