[Interview] Cash The Young Bombs Outside This Summer at Lolla, Firefly, and More!

[Interview] Cash The Young Bombs Outside This Summer at Lolla, Firefly, and More!

DJ remix duo Tristan and Martin, otherwise known as Young Bombs, have been making music together since high school. They've moved from punk to indie, to dance music and have found their niche touring with the likes of Adventure Club and booking gigs at festivals like Lollapalooza. We got to catch up with the two at Shaky Beats (check out our review here) for a fun chat about their lives. 

How’s y’all’s day going?

Tristan: Our day is going fantastic, we just played the princess?

Martin: The Peachtree Stage

The Princess Stage?

Tristan: The Super Mario Princess Star Level One Stage

Princess Peach Stage.

Tristan: It was great, we both ate mushrooms and we grew big and we beat the level and we beat bowser and we won the whole game.

That’s what I did yesterday.

Tristan: We had the same day just on different days. The worst part is that I hit my knee and it fuckin’ hurts.

Do you need to go to the medic tent?

Tristan: I don’t know, should I?

Martin: CALL A MEDIC!!

Do you guys ever get tired of each other?

Tristan: No, we’ve been awkwardly best friends forever

I was gonna ask, you used to be in an indie band, didn’t you?

Tristan: Yea, we used to be in an indie band called The Sprinkles.

Was it just you two?

Tristan: No, there were two other guys. 

Is that how you guys met?

Martin: We both grew up playing music separately and when high school hit we both got involved in the community. He played in a pop-punk band; I played in a punk band and we ended up playing a show together. 

Tristan: Both of our bands were imploding

Martin: And we were like, can we keep doing music together?

Tristan: We were like, 'Hey I like you'

Martin: So we end up chatting for like four hours.

Tristan: We’ve been on one fucking long adventure. We’ve played rock music, we’ve played punk music, scored films, now we’re doing dance. We’ve been everywhere.

Martin: Everythings been kind of leading to this. Dance music.

Tristan: Dance music has always been the thing

Martin: Our indie rock band was like, I was the drummer, it was very new-wave Killers-y synth-pop. It was very for on the floor, leaning toward disco and electro-pop and we started getting into presets and cut copy and Australian future-pop or electro-pop or whatever you wanna call it, and then it just kept going.

Tristan: Then we’re like fuck real drums. Fuck guitars. We’ll do it all on the computer. BAM

Do you still use real instruments?

Tristan: Yea, I play guitar every now and then. Martin’s a good singer so he’ll some backups. He may sing an original for us one day, too.

You don’t even need to autotune your voice or anything?

Martin: It’s perfect, baby

Tristan: Yo, Michael Bublé is not even close to this guy. Everyone say Michael Bublé on three. 1, 2, 3....


Are you guys from Canada?

Tristan: Yea, shoutout to Michael Bublé, the hometown hero. Him and Michael J. Fox, from Back to the Future, who else we got? Brian Adams, I think Ryan Reynolds?

Tristan: You know what the weirdest fucking thing happened to me the other day was? We were at the bar by the beach in Vancouver, and Owen Wilson is there. On the other side of the bar, opposite to us.

Martin: It’s a big deal for us because we do a lot of impressions of Owen Wilson, publicly, we do it on Snapchat.

Tristan: Low and behold Owen Wilson literally walks by us in the bar…

Martin: Gives me a fuckin’ hug out of nowhere.

Tristan: Comes up hugs me from behind and says, “How’s it going buddy? Yea...” and leaves.

You didn’t even get a Snapchat with him?

Tristan: No, Owen Wilson just walked up like, “How’s it goin’?

Martin: We were in shock for like five minutes.

So you were fangirling real hard?

Tristan: Oh yeah.

Martin: I was so wet, and I was like, “What just fucking happened?”

Did you like dance music when you were in a punk band?

Martin: Yea, Tristan kind of got me into Depeche Mode so I guess we were into new-wave '80s. We really loved people like The Cure and The Smiths also, and that was kind of what turned me on. I remember actually talking a drive to Whistler where our old band was playing a show and Tristan put on, I think it was Depeche mode, and I was like, “Holy fuck.” And we listened to the whole album and it was snowing and the whole vibe. I was like why aren’t we making this music?

Tristan: The synthesizers were cool

Martin: I was like electronic music’s dope, and then we just started doing it.

So, Depeche mode was kind of a…

Martin: It was a kick starter.

Tristan: It’s funny cause we don’t sound anything like them, but they’re still a huge influence.

You guys toured with the Adventure Club?

Tristan: Yea, they’re our homies. They’re the dopest guys.

Martin: We’re about to do a bunch of Vegas shows and I'm terrified for my liver. 

But then Vegas in a club with the Adventure Club.

Tristan: It’s like a day pool party. We did a great tour with them, we went through Canada. They’re the nicest guys, and they put on an amazing show. We had never met them before and they were just so humble. They’re absolutely the best people ever. But there’s gonna be a party. There’s the Made in Canada tour.

Martin: But honestly they’re the best guys.

Tell me about some new music.

Tristan: Yes, we have a new remix coming out.

Martin: I think we can fully say it at this point, it’s confirmed; we just don’t know when it’s coming out yet.

Tristan: Yea, so we just did a Bastille Remix, and it’s gonna be dropping in the next week or two we imagine. Obviously, we don’t know exactly the date yet, but yea. Aside from that, there are originals, and that’s what we’re most excited about that.

Martin: We have a bunch.

Is this new for you guys?

Tristan: Yea, we haven’t done one yet. We’ve really been very meticulous. If we’re gonna do this we’re gonna put out something we really like. We were doing a lot of stuff, but nothing was hitting the bullseye. Now we’re finally really happy with what we have and what’s to come.

Is there any way to label the sound that you’ve created?

Martin: I think the way to think about it is if you’ve listened to our remixes, we do a lot of different genres. We feel like what we’ve done now with our originals is kind of amalgamate our sound and kind of put it into one packaged thing. And it varies a little bit, but it keeps the same tone throughout. That’s what we want to accomplish the most is we want people to feel better when they’ve heard our music. Just like an uplifting feeling.

Tristan: I was gonna say there’s a lot of aggressive EDM coming out right now, which is cool and we play a lot of it, and we love it, but there’s this void where there’s not a lot of uplifting stuff I feel like. There’s a lot of experimental, there’s a lot of aggressive, but we just wanna do something super feel-good.

Yea, they’re getting super aggressive out there.

Tristan: Or you just go, “I won’t listen to this at home in my apartment.”

We’re gonna listen to this for a dinner party.

Martin: We love a lot of stuff, and we’re not trying to diss at all. Which is why we kind of fell in love with this music in the first place. Kind of like that Swedish House stuff. That’s kind of what made us fall in love with it, and now it’s faded away. And we want to bring it back in a “2017” sort of way.

Tristan: I was being super analytical the other day and I thought, one thing we kind of have is our little world instrument thing. So we always kind of try to, and it’s not even on purpose, but you’ll hear like a marimba or some hand drums. We have African chants and we’re always trying to put a little twist on anything.

Kind of like Migos? How they always have that one weird sound on every track?

Tristan: Yea. We kind of want to stamp our music with something with a global feel.

Martin: Citizens of the world.

Is there anything else you want your fans to know?

Tristan: Catch us on tour. We’re gonna be everywhere. Firefly, Lolla…

Martin: Cash us outside.

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